Resist the temptation to fill each wall with pictures.

Including plenty of photos means that, at some point, appreciation would be lost. It’s always better to group them. Combine various frame styles, and then set them up side by side. You can also space them by 3 to 2 inches.

Choosing white and other colors from store samples is one of the most common mistakes.

Purchase paint samples, and then paint some of your chosen spaces. Then, after seeing it for days you need to finally make your choice. Choose wisely. Wall paint colors can make or break a good home design.

People tend to place mirrors and frames either too low or too high.

The centers of the objects, and the ensembles of the frame must be at least 60 inches from the floor. If you feel like you need help regarding this, there are lots of interior design firms that can assist you. 

Check furniture sizes.

Do you want to make some changes in your living room interiors? Well, keep in mind that a sofa may appear smaller, but it can overcrowd your space. Make sure to take room measurements before finalizing your purchase. There should be around 42 inches of clearance around the dining room tables, coffee tables and sofa. 

Avoid accumulating furniture pieces in a room.

Invest in quality home decorations which are integrated with good, well-thought storage units.

Measure your door openings.

Keep in mind that delivery people often leave with parcels when the door openings are too narrow.

Interiors can become cluttered with souvenirs and memorabilia.

If your personal space is cluttered, nothing would stand out.