This information includes the price of financial assets, the evolution of short-term forex charts, the spread or even the information provided by the technical indicators studied (buy and sell signals).

unifi internet

 Understand the Issues

However, to think that an average quality internet connection will not allow you to trade is absolutely wrong. Having personally traveled to different countries of the world, I knew that in certain villages or hotels I would have problems connecting to the internet, this never stopped me from speculating on the financial markets. The unifi internet offers the best service there.

What To Decide

It should be understood that the speed of an internet connection is based on downloading and uploading data. When you use an internet connection, you receive and send information back. When you practice trading, you therefore need a good connection in order to receive data from your trading platform but also to issue your buy and sell orders. If the internet connection you are using is much too slow then you will have trouble receiving the information, the course will not be updated instantly and there will be latency on your graphics which is a handicap when making investment decisions. In addition, a too slow internet connection will delay the execution of trades.

 If you are a fan of scalping or day trading and you speculate in the short term, then we recommend that you have an internet connection so the download speed varies between 1mb and 2mb per second. Nowadays, national internet operators in France offer ADSL or DSL type internet connections that allow you to download up to 20mb of data per second and easily upload 6mb per second, which is more than enough for the user. For around fifty euros per month, it is also possible to have an optical fiber connection, allowing you to download between 100mb and 1Gb per second (depending on the geographical area).


One of the solutions that can also be considered if we do not have access to a decent internet connection is to use your smartphone to share your connection and thus create a hotspot. Thus the 3g or 4G connection of the mobile phone can be used as a Wi-Fi access point by the computer on which you are trading.