Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Table

One of the reasons why people love the game of Blackjack at the best online casino malaysia is that there is a mode where you will only play against the dealer and no one else.

But, did you know that this same game mode is actually present in a Texas Hold’em game as well? Yes, that’s true! The game mode is called the Bonus Poker Table Game and it is actually quite exciting. In fact, it is so exciting that it has been implemented in may casinos lately thanks to its massive reception by the fans.

If you want to play this particular game mode, read through the rest of the article to find out how.

Steps on How to Play the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Table Game

How Do You Play the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Table Game?

  1. To begin, the player would have to put an ante wager and have the option of putting up a bonus wager as well.
  2. The player and the dealer would then be dealt with two cards that are facing down. These cards will be known as the “hole” cards.
  3. If you want to continue playing with your hand, you will put down a bet that’s about twice the amount of your ante. Suppose that your ante bet was $5 and you decide to play your hand, all you have to do is just place $10. If you decide not to play your hand and you ultimately fold, you will lose the initial ante bet that you’ve placed.
  4. Next, the dealer will then deal 3 additional face-up cards and they will be placed at the center of the table (also known as the flop). The cards will also be known as Community Cards and the player must then craft their final 5-card hand using these cards as well.
  5. Once that is done, the players will then be given the chance to place a bet again, but do note that you can only place the same amount for your bet as your ante. So, judging by the previous example, the next ante bet you can place will just amount to $5 since this is the initial amount you’ve placed. In the event that the player decides not to bet, they will then make a “check” and the game will progress.
  6. Another community card will be dealt and all of the players can see it. This move is also known as the turn.
  7. The players will then be able to bet again (or check if they want).
  8. The 5th community card will be dealt and it will be called the river.
  9. The dealer will be the first one to show his cards (after combining his hole and community cards).
  10. Next, the dealer will then turn to the player and determine whether the player’s hand is much better than his. To craft the best 5-card, you have to use one, two, or even no hole cards in his hand in combination with the 5 community cards.
  11. How Do You Play the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Table Game?The dealer will then determine who wins the game by examining every player’s hand and comparing it with their own.
  12. If the player happens to have a much better hand, the player wins. The house will then pay a 1-1 ratio on all bets. In some instances, the house will even match the ante as well. Should the player lose, the player’s bets and the ante will be given to the house.