Gain Benefits From The Food Waste

Food waste is the leftover food that already expired or cannot be eaten anymore. Do you know that food waste can be very beneficial if you know how to manage it? Yes, you can manage your food waste just by following tips below.

Tips on Managing Food Waste

Have a backyard compost binv

After you’re full or your food already expired, don’t simply throw them into the trash. Prepare a backyard compost bin to put all your waste in there. With this, you can make a compost for your garden and sustainably dispose of the food waste.

To build a compost bin, you need more than just food scraps. What you need are nitrogen and carbon products. Nitrogen products are fruit, vegetables and green grass cutting while carbon comes from dried leaves, paper towels and small twigs and sticks. Use open-bottomed bins or barrels as the compartment to put the compost in it.

Build home worm farms

Worm farming is a great choice for those who are staying in small lots and in townhouses to manage their waste as they can put it in a box inside or outside of the house. Worm farms are good and simple fertiliser factories. A worm farm can consume the food waste created by a about two or three-person household.

Worm farms can produce worm juice and also casings, some kind of organic fertiliser for your organic products such as vegetables or fruits. Worm juice is what comes up in a two-tier worm farm’s base tray. Plant uses worm juice in diluted form, and it can be used like normal garden fertilizers you ‘d buy off the shelf.

It is very simple to manage your food waste. Not only saving nature, but you also provide something beneficial for your gardens or backyard. Why not try one of the tips? Who knows you can make money with the compost produced?