Do you want to make money online? There are so many avenues where you can work from home, but there is one thing that actually does not feel like ‘working’ simply because it is an enjoyable thing. This ‘thing’ I am talking about is none other than blogging.

Blogging is not only a means for someone to express themselves through written word but it can also be a perfect avenue for you to earn money in the comfort of your own home.

Today, I am going to over the simple steps to help you start your own blog.

Start Thinking About a Name

Just like your favorite food joint, your blog needs to have a name. Consider this as your brand that you want to cultivate. Another reason why you will need a name is so that you can create your own domain. The domain, in this context, refers to your online address, so to speak. So, if anyone wants to visit your blog, they will just input your domain and that’s it.

Now, the name has to be something unique and something that speaks true to who you are and what you are trying to write. This way, it will be much easier for you to convey your thoughts since you will center it around your brand name.

Design Your Blog

You want your blog to be as inviting as you would do your own home. That being said, there is now a push for minimalism so that your content will be presented front and center and so that your audience can read clearly what you want to convey.

Think about using menus, legible texts, high-quality images, and so much more. Make sure to also optimize these things so that they will load much quicker.

Tell Them About Yourself

Any blogger should think about creating an ‘About’ page on their blog. That is so that their audience will know who you are and so that they will know what you are trying to write on your blog.

Keep in mind that although most people nowadays create blogs for the purpose of making money online, there are people that would still use the same platform as a means of creative expression. Do indicate this in your ‘About’ page.

Remain Consistent

Part of becoming successful in this industry is that you have to write consistently. Although you are not forced to write stuff every single day, the fact remains that you have to remain somewhat consistent so that your audience will know that your platform is still active.

Use Social Media

Social media is quite popular nowadays and if you are not using the platform, then you might want to consider using it when you are a blogger.

The thing is, using SEO to improve your page ranking is one thing but when you are not harnessing the power of social media, you are not really getting the full benefits.

You see, a lot of people, to this day, still use social media. Therefore, it is just right that you want to connect with your audience not only your blog but also on the said platform.

Use Different Plugins

The vast majority of blogs out there use WordPress as their main platform. As you might already know, WordPress is a content management system that allows you to craft beautiful and very functionality websites with the use of plugins.

That being said, you should use different plugins to make your life easier. There is a plugin that helps you with SEO stuff, there is one that helps you filter the comments, and there is one that can send timely email notifications to your audience if they opt-in to your email list.

Just Enjoy

Blogging is a creative outlet. Sure, you can monetize it if you want, but the main purpose of having a blog is for self-expression. Just enjoy the process of writing blog posts and even if you are not a good writer now, in time, you will be. Just stay consistent.