Living in 2020, the internet is something that doesn’t need to be introduced since we are all very familiar with it. It is safe to say that the Internet is an essential tool in our life no matter whether you are a student or a working person. Nowadays, even kids know how to use the Internet.  Looking at the purpose of one using the Internet, it can be for study, working or leisure purposes. People need information every day and it is the only tool that has helped them a lot. But the thing is, there are some irritating things that could happen to most of them while they are surfing the internet. In the worst situation, surfing the internet can also  threaten you physically or mentally


Let’s look at the cons of surfing the internet!

The cons of surfing the internet

  • Annoying ads


Have you ever surfed the internet and an ad suddenly pops out? What is more annoying and irritating is that the ad blocks you from seeing the content of the website. This oftentimes caused a user to turn off surfing the internet.


For the advertisers, it is something good that they can generate money from the ads. But it is not the same way for the users. For example, this surf casino online in Malaysia ads that most of us have experienced many times. You may also check out here.  Apart from Casinos ads, another annoying ad is sex ads. These ads really bring your mood down and give you a bad internet surfing experience.


  • Personal information is at risk


Do you know that you are exposed to malicious users when you are surfing the internet? They can hack your account and steal your personal information as they have access to billions of computers. Hackers can scan millions of computers and identify the vulnerable one to be attacked. This is because the internet can connect all computers to each other. Everything that you put on the internet is traceable to the person it belongs to.


  • Cyberbullying


When it comes to surfing the internet, you can’t avoid keyboard warriors. People nowadays have lost their sense of respect and having manners. They think that they are free to write anything on the internet as they can hide their identity behind a fake account. I think that most of us can relate to this if we have social media accounts. There are a lot of people on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook whose body shaming others on the internet.


These kinds of people never think before they write anything that is rude towards a person. This shows that they have so much time to spend on the internet and criticising others. That is why surfing the internet can be such a turn-off. Apart from that, there is also a kind of people that love to give uninvited opinions to others posting on social media. They think that it would cost no harm as they stand the idea of freedom of speech. However, they did not realise that their words are merely hurting the person. 


For example, some people just tweeted something on their Twitter just to share their activities. But, there will be some people that are so mean towards the tweet and against it strongly with what they think is right. To illustrate, there are one Twitter user shares about how he raises his daughter. Out of sudden, there is another user that cursed the person just because his idea of raising a child is different from him.


Don’t you think that this kind of scenario is so irritating? But that is the reality of living in the era of the internet


  • Getting addicted to the internet

Internet is addictive. You wouldn’t realise that you have already spent hours on the internet. You can surf it all day long but it is not the same case when you need to study. You might be doing your work but then you will easily get distracted with it. For example, you need to do research on Google about an assignment. For the first half-hour, you might be researching for the assignment. However, after half of the hour, you will be distracted with Youtube, online games and social media.

Being addicted to the internet means that your productivity is killed slowly. You wouldn’t realise that time has flown so fast when you surf the internet. It is enjoyable that you become so addicted to it.

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