When stuck at home, you get bored easily. Other than playing live casino online Malaysia, you can also watch films and tv series. 

1. Chuchu Datuk Merah (1963)

Chuchu Datuk Merah is a black and white film by M. Amin. The film inserts lots of Malay culture elements. The traditional dances, laga ayam, and the languages. The hero is an anti-hero which is very rare to find in Malay classical film. Hero is always portrayed as a gentleman, but Awang Janggut is kind of a refreshment in the classical film industry. The stereotypical characteristic of a hero is broken by M. Amin. Meanwhile, the heroin character is very contradictory with the hero’s personality. She is a woman; mature, graceful and caring. Then, Orang Kaya Hassan is one of the characters implemented in the film to show the phenomenon happening within the Malays. He bathes his daughter with wealth no matter what she asks for. For the editing, the scene where Wan Kuntum and Awang Janggut were drowned in the river, they inserted a foreshadowing scene which is amazing. The aesthetic value is appraisable. Chuchu Datuk Merah also touches on the issue of marriage. A woman like me loves the romance film genre due to the dreams that the film provides. Romance genre films will let us dive into unreal expectations of love and marriage. However, Chuchu Datuk Merah serves the reality of marriage. The reality includes domestic violence, cheating behind the partner’s back and fighting about money. For instance, the moment when Awang Janggut knew that his wife had slaughtered his beloved pet and turned it into a chicken dish, Awang Janggut hits Wan Kuntum until she was miscarriage and sick. Since the appreciation and awareness of film is still low in Malaysia, some people are unaware of M. Amin film and what is even more saddening is they only knew about P. Ramlee’s film. This film needs more recognition from the audience. 

2. Mat Tiga Suku

Mat Tiga Suku (1964) is from Mat Sentol’s film in which he implemented the Western-style editing technique. Mat Tiga Suku is one of the film examples that implemented magic style in Malaya filmography. The plot is about Mat (Mat Sentol) lives in a house that talks with him and only he can hear the voice. In the house, he daydreams about having a perfect life starting from a beautiful princess living with him until he became rich. He tried to change his life but there is not even one job that can change his life. Even though the film genre is comedy, the editing technique is appraisable. The magic-style in Mat Tiga Suku film adds more eccentricity and away from the unconventional film style. Mat Sentol managed to insert modern elements in his films adapted from Western film. Based on the picture above, the cut between the scenes shows the magic elements in the movie are applied.

Classical films are not as famous as Netflix trending films. However it is important to give attention and binge-watch some of the famous classical films. Stop surfing the internet for a while and let’s go have some fun.